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I'm using a vive for this and pretty much all the controls except move and grab don't work. Not sure what to do, I've definitely got the openxr runtime set to SteamVR, and outside of that, there isn't anything left to do... pretty disappointing :/

Im not sure why this is happening but a few Vive users encountered this problem and found a work arround but i cant remember what it was.

if you find what it was, could you put it in a reply here? ^^


Hope you have not lost interest in this game, so much unused potential!

- Scat


-Oral (Lips)

-Direkt Hand Controls for the Butts


Even when you are done with this, i truly hope for a sequel! :D

No mattter what - A very big <3 Thank you <3 for all the awesome work until now!

is it just me or do you feel like you just want to f**k this dino forever. he is so sexy i just want to lick the dick of his and mate with him imagine if these where real.

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How do I refund the game? I bought it thinking I was going to enjoy it in VR but after playing it for 10 or so minutes I felt that I didn't want the game anymore and it didn't quite seem like the type of game I was anticipating.

you have to contact Itch.Io

Ok thank you 

How do you play the game on Oculus Quest 2?

Just activate QuestLink and start the game

how do i download the game just using my quest 2 sorry im new to this

you can’t. It need to run with AirLink

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ok thank you so much and I just wanted to tell you your game is great 

Thank you so much!

I just bought this game and for some reason the model wont load properly (Pixilated, very bright, and the screen flickers whenever I look at it). I can move smoothly and access every other mechanic but I cant do anything much above that. I saw the comment about someone experiencing the same thing as me and I did as you recommended (which was to update drivers ), however the problem still persists.


Im sorry to hear that. For some reason Unity has this issue on a small number of machines but I don’t know what’s causing it. MA will receive another update soon I would suggest giving it another try once I’m having it rolled out.

cant wait for the update then thankyou!

new update soon?

yes, im currently taking a short break from the raptoid dev marathon, after that I I’ll rollout the Ma Update 

ok i did not expect a reply so fast and i hope u have a nice brake

Thank you:)

whenever I load the game up with steam vr my hands appear on the ground even though in the steam vr menu they appear where they are supposed to is there any fix for this?

hi there, you have to switch your Vr API to OpenXR in the steam settings

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i dont understand how to cycle up / go faster on pc with an azerty keyboard

 pls help

Ir you mean running: hold down left shift (or whatever key you have assigned in the control bindings)

is there a patron requirement for this game? or do we just get it when we buy it 
(I'm new to this type of thing and correct me if I don't make sense)

if you purchase the game here you won’t need a Patreon subscription 

Can you be fucked by the male up the butt? figure how to get him to lay down, how do you mount him?


o, the female can’t mount you. Touch their feet to have them lay down

but how do you get fucked by the guy? it not very clear how 


currently you can’t 

ok, thanks

Deleted 98 days ago

will be in the next update

does this game still get updates and if so when will we see new characters be added?

there’s another updated planed but currently importing in my new game and haven’t had the time for the rollout 

So is raptoid your main focus currently?


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so when you are come back to mutant alley dinohazard will we see new characters in next updates or just more polishing and extra stuff like poses? Im asking this because it feels a lot like we arent reciving a ton of information about the game and when we will see future updates. Dont want the game dying

it’s more the polishing since the game shall only feature these Rexes 

Is it possible quest standalone?

unfortunately no. The game is far too demanding for the quest alone.

but it works very good with AirLink

are you adle to ride the dino daddy

No but the next update will have the female ride him

I have recently purchased the game and encountered a problem where the models are not loading properly resulting in extremely bright and pixilated textures, all other environmental textures have loaded properly and the game runs smoothly, I have tried running in administrator but that doesn't work. Any ideas how to fix this 

hi, a few users experience this problem. I don’t have a solution for it it’s caused by unity. You can try updating your drivers in some cases this solves the issue

thank you for your help, could you be more specific ( I am unfortunately not that tech literate)

how do you get them to fuck each other with couple mode?

The ATM behind the fence.


I'm curious if you plan on adding options for the two (or maybe adding two  or more characters) where you can have the female dino with either just a cock/testicles, or have both a cock and a cloaca/Vagina and vice versa for the male dino?

currently i haven’t planed such a feature 

but maybe something that could be added at some point in the future? :3

Little bit of an issue here. I am unable to get passed the main screen where it says "Press any key to start." I've tried running as admin, restarting, windowed mode, fullscreen, every key there is, and checking controllers are unplugged. Is there something I'm missing or I can fix?

Running off the latest 2022.12-1 build for Windows


disconnect your gamepad and use the keyboard that should work

So I download the game. How do I start playing it?

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Steam version doesn't works, If I see model(male or female, both) properly, the screen just becomes black. Game looks awsome, sad that I can't play this.

check your drivers, Unity sometimes has such issues


it's a nice looking game but i wish i could play for free but it doesn't matter it looks really nice i hope you have success on this game you're making very happy about it that everybody loves it



I see the last update was 88 days ago, are there any future updates to


there will be updates, but I’m currently working on a few new models. Once they’re done I will get back to the MA update 

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Is adding a dildo planned? How about other scenarios or it just going to be the alley?

yes, i will add toys. 

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Hey, love the game, but I decided to try it with my Oculus and quickly discovered I was dumbfounded as to how to get it work properly. Are there any guides that can help me get this set up? When I try to go on it, it just behaves like I'm playing on desktop, except I can't move...

hi, are you using Steam or Oculus Link?

Ty for responding, I'm using Oculus Link. 🤔


That should work, I’m using link as well for testing. I’m not sure what the problem is because it’s very hard to predict from here:/

No worries, it's probably how I've tried to set it up, just got my Oculus and still figuring out out! 😅


I got it to work! 🤤 Thank you for your help!

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Is there a Futa setting/mode and if not is one planned?

Edit: Nevermind, I see below that it is on your todo list. 


Not yet:)

i know maw is planned, but when approximately?

since the couple animations are pretty time consuming and I was only able to finish one new action I might add maw play to the next release as well if it’s as easy ti implement as I hope to

I want to get this but how would you download this on the quest 2

no you have to use AirLink or oculus Link

How's the next update going?


Working on it, it will add more couple poses

will there be a demo?


how do i get both of them fucking? or is it not implemented yet.


it’s implemented. Use the ATM behind them (left side behind the fence)

Will there be any Pegging or Futanari options for the female Dino in the future? Also, will there be an option for the player to take the male dino's penis up their hole?


Yes you will be able to choose holes:) currently I’m working on adding more couple poses

Option for anal with the female? if it's already possible I can't figure out how to do it.

it’s currently not implemented but is easy to do, I have intim my todo list

how do you penetrate or use your pennis with keyboard?

On the left bottom of the screen is a tool tip that shows you which button to press for which action. You just have to stay close to the character 


I'm sorry, but could we have a free version of the game? Mine is a difficult period economically, Christmas presents have drained me. 😅


is there a reason we have to repay for it?

it was a complete redevelopment with a new interaction system.

Is there maw play or plans for it? 

it’s planed!

will this ever be on quest?

it can be played via AirLink but it can’t run on its own because its too demanding

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