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Mutant Alley: Dinohazard is a 2D and VR first person fantasy sex simulation and a complete remake of the original Mutant Alley: Do The Dinosaur.



The new interaction system will deliver an awesome experience on a 2D screen but is even more immersive when used with a VR* headset.


Instead of cycling through animation loops you can touch, lick, grab and penetrate the characters in any way you want by either using your mouse (2D) or your hands (VR*).


The characters will physically and verbally (voice acted) respond to your actions and will remember your previous performances. Sliding or penetrating certain body regions will even emulate friction and resistance. Further features are dynamic breathing, genitalia and accessoire physics, bulge grow during foreplay and lots more.


Do you like to foreplay? How about some sexy accessories for your partner? Mutant Alley comes with a rich set of options to customize your experience.


Mutant Alley: Dinohazard uses Unitys HD Render Pipeline to bring you high quality graphics and effects which delivers a more realistic and atmospheric game experience.


Explore the environment and find new ways to shape your experience, how about calling the Mutant Control Unit to have your partner tied up for you?


MoveWASD/Arrow KeysLeft Thumbstick
Turn-Right Thumbstick
Slow DownLeft ShiftLeft Thumbstick Press
GrabLeft MouseLeft/Right Grab
TriggerRight MouseLeft/Right Trigger
Continues CrouchingCRight Thumbstick Press
FlashlightFRight Primary Button
Touch Mode / UseELeft Secondary Button
Tongue/Penis OutTRight Secondary Button
Game MenuESCLeft Primary Button

S Y S T E M    R E Q U I R E M E N T S

  • 16 GB Ram or more
  • Intel i5-4590 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or better
  • Windows 10 or OS X High Sierra 10.13+
  • Graphic Cards: NVIDIA Titan X, GeForce GTX 970, GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB (desktop), GeForce GTX 1070 (series), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (series), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Super, 1660, 1660 Ti, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 series (all) / AMD 400 (series), AMD 500 (series), AMD 5000 (series), AMD Vega (series)

S U P P O R T E D    V R    H E A D S E T S

  • HTC Vive
  • HP Reverb
  • Valve Index
  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Quest 1 & 2

O F F I C I A L    W E B S I T E



* VR support only for Windows builds.

Updated 21 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Apr 15, 2022
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
TagsAdult, Bara, Dinosaurs, Furry, Gay, Monsters, sex, straight, Virtual Reality (VR), yiff
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, Valve Index


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Mutant Alley - Dinohazard 2022.9-1-WIN.zip 329 MB
Mutant Alley - Dinohazard 2022.9-1-MAC.zip 336 MB

Development log


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I know you might not do it,  but if you can you can turn the VR into apks. where you are able to sideload it in oculus quest.

I would love too but unitys high definition render pupils which im using won’t allow it. It’s way to high specs. You can alternatively use AirLink 

Hi Tyranno! Love the game, just wanted to ask how do you use the weights as I noticed one of your screenshots shows male character lifting

The weights are currently a beta feature they will be rolled out in the next update:)

Using Vive, all I can do is move and touch, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but menus and other button interactions don't do anything?

There have been a few users that had problems with the Vive, most were able to fix it by updating or reinstalling the Vive Software. Also make sure that OpenXR is selected as your default API in either steam or the Vive tool

I don't know what I'm going wrong, but I've done all that, and the issue isn't fixed

Hi, when I use the watersports option, the dino says voicelines that indicate that he's peeing and there's audio of it, however, there is no visual effects of it.

I just uploaded a fixed version, please download the game again.

how do you use the edging option

wait for the green bar to appear 

yeah but what do I do with it

Hum, weird. No august version?


hey there, unfortunately no since a lot of involved people were too busy to contribute. But the next release will be rolled out at the end of the week.

weiter so ich werde eurem spiel auf mein Server weiter empfehlen das ihr mehr Unterstützung bekommt  ich liebe eure spiel und es ist echt gut gemacht bis her bin echt überrascht ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡sehr gute Arbeit ein lob an Team ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Thank you so much!

I have a dumb question, how the hell do I penetrate on keyboard? I'm a bit of monkey brain here

press T to toggle through Tongue and Penis, once you’ve selected the penis just move it close to the Rexes hole when he or she is bent over, laid down or restrained

Are there any updates soon? I want to ride him :P

there will be more updates 

Still waiting on that penetration though >.> been past a month

which penetration? The virtual cock was rolled out with the last update 

(2 edits) (-7)

“This build of Mutant alley requires an active Patreon subscription…”

Sell me a game that requires MORE money to work. Give me my money back now. And turn off all the paywalls and stop stealing people’s money.

(Yes this is the same asshole that blew up your FA with “NO PAYWALLS.” What? You gonna ban me here too?


The Itch.Io build definitely does not require a Patreon subscription 


Game works fine without patreon the hell you on about?


Why do you only retweet gay stuff? That leaves not much hope that the straight protion of theis game is actually supported in any real fashion 

The interactions with the female are exactly the same. Nothing less than with the male

I am starting the game via steamvr on Pico neo3,This is a VR from China.

After entering the game, I found that I couldn't open the menu X Y B A also cannot be used .The controller is the default openxr.

I tried all kinds of methods, but they didn't work, When I play another game heat, they can all work normally

I don't know what to do now. Can you release a solution?

You have to set OpenXR as the default VR API in your VR hosting app such as steam

Can you tell me how to set it? I don't understand it

It used to work normally. Since a steamvr update, several keys have failed to work. They are the open menu, x.y.a.b and interactive keys

If it’s for steam: just open steamVr go to settings and set the default API to OpenXR if it’s a different software you have to look it up at the vendors help page

is this one? I'm using this button, but it doesn't work in the game


Where the "searching for artist who can draw slender women" post? Why are you once again focusing solely on the gay portion? 



Futa Dinosaur in future?.



Is there support for hip trackers yet?

Also, any tips for getting better than a weak climax?

nope, I wasn’t even aware that there is hardware for that

I loved the update. Is in your plans to had a personality slider like in Hybrids vr? Also, is there a way to ugrade the edging mecanic? Bc sometimes I try to not do do it to slow so it doesn't reestart but it's kinda hard


hey there I thought about a personality slider actually:) I will improve the edging mechanics too!

(1 edit)

How do i change the pose? i see no option for it

Just touch the character in certain regions or interact with your Environment and they will change their pose. Check the game hints 

ok cool!  is it possible to get him fully edged before he cums?  ive been trying but i cant seem to get it down.  i dont have vr unfortunately

you can either deactivate the edging or change the characters stamina in the main menu

I want to Android download it game pls 

there won’t be an Android port. The game has too high specs:/

Not sure if it's possible, Is there a way to have the male dino be nude but not erect? (Slit play is fun)

tirano  me gustaria ayudarte a desarrollar mas el juego  se mucho de este tipo de juegos podrias aceptarme para que te ayude?


So I had the do the dinosaur version way before this... so basically I have to re-buy the game?

Yes. Bc this version is completely different from the first game. 

I have previously downloaded version 2022.4.1, is there a way to update to the latest version? Or do I have to buy it again?

I purchased this game last year, and I love it as something to return to, but for some reason I'm unable to download the newer versions. I'm stuck on version 1.15. Do I need to repurchase it for every update? that seems weird, or am I doing it wrong.


hello, that was MA do the dinosaur, this version is its successor.

How I can penetrate the dinos? Or how I can made them to give me a blowjob? I'm using keyboard tried a lot and can't do it.

Also it will support controllers?

the penetration feature will be rolled out this month 

how can i become the beta bc on patreon im 9$ tier and i cant see it in the setings

Can I ride him :P?


Wait for this months update:)

Game loads up fine, graphics are good. But looking at where I assume the dino is shows a black screen, everything else is normal. Voice lines can be heard and I can interact with it but the screen is black. Anybody know a fix?

What headset are you using?

for some reason t only allows me to use the tounge

the virtual Penis will be available in this months update 

It allows tongue but we need vive waist tracker function for penis and a remap function i downloaded the steam version afgter itch version and now i cant move in any version

the virtual Penis will be in this months update. 

Will more dinosaurs be added in the future?

yes, but before adding new characters I need to implement a few more features that I have on my list:)

Hi! I have purchased a content pack and downloaded the files. What do I have to do now? How do I get the models and the animations in the game?

The content packs are not meant fro the game, these are blender files and rendered animations:/

Oh ok. And what can I do with it now? xD

Hello my A, B, X, Y on my vr headset, also i cant interact with phone, vending machine and soda, i cant even open up the menu, any ideas?

what headset are you using? If it’s an oculus/meta device please don’t use virtual desktop use AirLink instead.

I've tried using Airlink and Virtual desktop. Regardless of which program is used none of the buttons on the Oculus controllers will open the in-game menu. Did you remap the controllers or are you using default inputs?

im using the default inputs and the game was developed with a quest 1 and 2 that’s what makes it such a strange free issue. I would like to see the log file maybe there’s a hint on the issue

i am using an oculus quest 2 and i am not using virtual desktop


can you please translate this?

google translate 

How to switch to a penis

the virtual penis is currently a beta feature which is only available for patreons but will be rolled out with this months update


Why split into two versions of the same game, just update "Do the dinosaur" for better graphics and VR (like you had your followers on twitter believing you were doing) instead of selling a better version of "Do the dinosaur" for the same price and basically abandoning "Do the dinosaur".


the new game is an entire remake and took me a year to develop. MA1 had an entire different input concept and there are a lot of people that still like it, so I published MA2 as a new game but this time with 2D and VR support in one version

Great game.

I'm still trying to figure out how to do more than just touch and lick. Not sure how to do the different poses anymore. Is watersports still hidden? I didn't see an option to turn it on or off in the menus this time.

No, Watersport is in it, use the soda machine behind the chainlink fence doors

(1 edit)

Ah. I didn't know you could go through the fences. Found a phone too! :)

Thank you.


and there will be more stage interactions in the coming updates:)

It’s the update delayed? 


hello, unfortunately yes. One of the contract creators couldn’t hold the deadline so I have to wait one or two more days. I can only apologize for this, I wanted the update to be released weeks ago:/ I will release it as soon as possible

O h :’v


I'll be more interested if a futa option is developed.

That’s actually on my backlog but it currently has a lower prio


Never gay enough for you people huh?


Actually there is a female character too:) She will be available in tonight’s update

Deleted 91 days ago

this game looks so hot but my macbook pro can't seem to handle the game with 36 gb free... any recs on what to try? everytime I open it now after a semi successful but slow / glitchy first run, my computer just completely freezes


it runs fine on  my  MacBook Air M1, try lowering the resolution in the graphics menu, it should definitely work:)

whenever i try to grab on pc the hand starts glitching everywhere and eventually disappears and grab will no longer activate

Youhave to reduce the games screen resolution, the game is running on too low specs

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