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During the first intergalactic war, hope rested on the next generation of soldiers. Utilizing dinosaur DNA, science created strong and impressive warriors. Once the war ended, there was no longer a need for the dinosaur soldiers and so they were forced to the margins of society. The only thing left for them to do was to sell their bodies. Always threatened to be discovered and exposed. What was happening there in secret had been strictly forbidden for a good reason. 

Mutant Alley VR is a gay virtual reality sex simulation. You are going to interact with one of their most talented soldier's: The anthropomorphic T-Rex. 

This purchase will include all future updates!

* Mutant Alley VR is is under active development and will frequently receive updates and new features.

The non VR version of Mutant Alley can be found here:



  • Sound
  • Flashlight
  • Voice Acting
  • Free movement
  • 6 Tease actions
  • Foreplay Mode
  • Random Police Patrol
  • 2 Handjob actions (slow / fast)
  • 2 Fingering actions (soft / hard)
  • 2 Dildo-Ride actions (hard / fast)
  • 2 Blowjob actions (slow / fast)
  • 1 Rimming action
  • 2 Footjob action
  • 2 Ride actions
  • 2 Fuck actions
  • 1 Pee action
  • Small cumshot if Rex was not edged
  • Big cumshot if Rex was fully edged
  • State based dirty talk (Screen-Text)
  • Outfit accessoires for the Rex
  • Built with Unity

F E T I S H E S    S E R V E D

  • Oral
  • Feet
  • Anal
  • Daddy
  • Leather
  • Tickling
  • Rimming
  • Piercings
  • Spanking
  • Dirty-Talk
  • Maw-Play
  • Underwear
  • Nipple-Play
  • Domination
  • Humiliation
  • Watersports
  • Muscle Worship
  • Tease And Denial

S U P O R T E D    H E A D S E T S

  • HTC Vive
  • Valve Index
  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Quest (via Link)


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Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
TagsBara, Dinosaurs, Furry, game, Gay, NSFW, scaly, sex, Virtual Reality (VR), yiff
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsOculus Rift, HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, Valve Index


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Mutant Alley VR 1.15 (Windows).zip 207 MB

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Just curious before I buy, are refunds a thing? In case my internet isnt strong enough to run these kinds of vr games.

i had bought one non VR,if i want to play this one?I must buy this again?

yea the Vr version I separate

how do you deal with the cops?


you have to hide behind the trash bins 


to everyone on oculus: step 1: install steam vr and the pc oculus app. step 2: initiate a pc link on the headset (you should now be seeing a new white grid space). step 3: open your computer display inside the headset, navigate to where you have this game and open it with the oculus

Hi - I just purchased, and downloaded it on to my mac.  I have an Oculus Quest and have my Oculus hooked up.  Do you have step by step instructions you can provide as to how to load the VR game into the quest? 

hello, the Mac Version has no VR support


how do i install on quest

hey i just bought the game but nothing is showing up its not saying "no headset detected" its just a black screen. is there a way to fix it? also im using an oculus rift s.

the fir should definitely work. If you are using steam please enable OpenXR

ok so i did that but its still giving me the issue. it stayed on the black screen nor transition to vr. i tried enabling it on steam, oculus and on itself but no luck. the same results

that’s very strange, can you check the unity player log?

ok what should I be looking for? also I don't have unity I opened it in note pad and I see the the code but I don't understand what I should be looking for?

hey i managed to resolved the issue tho i had to get the game on steam.  still couldn't figure out why the itchio version is not working but at least the steam version works.

that sounds tranche, it must have had something to do with the steam configuration 

Will you add a teleport movement? I get a little sick with the movement

besides that i love your game, it's awesome and very well made!


Thank you so much! At the moment I can’t work on Mutant Alley:/

it says that you can get it for the quest via link, where is the link because i can't find it

our is it talking about linking with a computer ?

you canines either oculus link or AirLink you just have to enable it on your oculus device

the  "Link" is refering to AirLink which is a beta feature on the Quest 2, just look up a guide on how to enable it and once you have it running you can launch the game on your desktop and it will play through AirLink, you need a pretty good internet speed and stabilit for it to work well though, also, setting a fixed bitrate to 100 helps alot as well

If I accidentally bought the vr version of this is there a way to swap the version and get the non-vr version?

Do I have to buy both versions separately, or can I buy one and receive the other one?

it’s two separate versions 

I'm not sure my computer can handle this (or my wire).  Is it possible that you can create an apk version that can be sideloaded onto the Quest (2)/Go, or is that too much work?

unfortunately that wouldn’t work:/ The game isn’t designed for mobile platforms:/

Damnit.  Really starting to hate on companies shunning Windows 7.  It's the last good one.

im using the valve index and it says no headset detected

you have to enable „use OpenXR“ in the Valve Index settings

How do I access the watersports? I can't seem to figure it out.

You have to enable it in the menu first (one of the buttons on the left hand)


So I accidentally bought the game twice when trying to purchase the VR version (So basically I bought the non-VR twice and the VR once), anything I can do about that? 


unfortunately no:/

could you add like a giant macro version ?


i could think about a scaling option

like also when he's walking huge footsteps and screen shakes 

(1 edit) (+1)

So I accidentally bought the vr version instead of the standard version. Anything that can be done about that? :/

edit: as to how, being dumb and not realizing I hadn't tabbed back. -_-


unfortunately no:/ I can’t revoke the vr download so when I would send you a download link for the non vr Version you would own them both which would be unfair against everyone who purchased the game:(


Fair enough. -_-

My Rift s dose not work on this game it seems. and there is no guide or info on this, all i get is a no headset detected black screen. Brought an unplayable game, ;w;

the rift s definitely works.

Is there steps i'm missing?, because it dose not work for rift s. Games like heat, and FarmD. work fine when i run the .exe with the headset on.

enable, OpenXR in the SteamVR advanced tab.


no headset detected with virtual desktop through steam vr.


which headset are you using?


quest 2


the Quest 2 definitively works since I’m using it too. 

An exciting announcement! I look forward to playing the new game! Does that mean though that you won't be updating this one any further?

no! Actually a lot of things I developed and found out by working for the new game will be used in MA as well. It’s just two separate games:)

Oh that's awesome! I love the groundwork you've got here so that's great to hear! I'll look forward to the new one too!

thank you!


Bought this thinking it would work via SteamVR with my WMR headset, but can't get it to work, SteamVR drops and this app takes over, but doesn't recognize the controllers :/ Any chance on an update for WMR, or will it work on SteamVR soon?



hi there, I haven’t implemented WinMR support yet but I will do so

Ok,  thanks, will look back later then!

Any plans on allowing the player to get handsy themselves? The animations are fine and all, but being able to do some things yourself would make the experience even better!

hi there, I’m working on such a game right now:)

Having trouble with Quest 2 over Link. SteamVR recognizes the Quest 2, and the Quest 2 is in SteamVR, but Mutant Alley refuses to recognize the headset. Any advice?


i have a Quest 2 too, it worked for me but I will do further testing. Does the regular link work for you?

Regular link works fine. I played FarmD, Dominatrix Sim demo, and tried another unity demo. They all worked just fine with the headset.

This might be a dumb question but since this is a gay NSFW vr game dose the main character ever mention the player is a male?

actually no:)

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That's awesome! As you can probably tell, I'm not a man but I am really interested in this Vr experience 😊 


So here are my thoughts: For a $5 experience? Not bad! It feels much more like a demo than a completed version of a game though. To give you my main points:

What's great:
The rex looks fantastic and his size compared to the player is *chef's kiss* perfect!
The dialogue is cheesy but in that really sexy way that I love and I honestly like the voice acting, it's got a good vibe to it. I love that he calls you "meat" and says things like "may I eat  you?" but maybe that's just the vore fan in me talking.
All the gear looks great on him, especially the piercings.
I love that you included the foot animations, very hard to come by especially in VR and that's where we need it most and I like that there's the two separate versions. I wish he moved his foot a bit more in both but what's there is great!
In line with the last one I love that this was genuinely a game where some of the best angles were lying on my floor. It really was a neat experience a lot of VR games tend to shy away from and the angles looked really good.
The lighting, small thing to comment on I know but it's really good and immersive and VR devs struggle with good lighting like yours.
Even without the physical contact doing anything at least there's still a little game aspect but I definitely wish there was a little more to it, but hey $5 game.
The audio just overall is really solid.
I love the free movement, it is a huge benefit and I love that you can move without having to teleport around like some (nauseating) VR games.
The environment just looks good overall and the game from a to z didn't cause me any eyestrain except for the menu.
The inclusion of subtitles is appreciated.
I'm not one for watersports but the piss scene is legitimately hot, well done! 
I love that this is the ONE VR game I've played on the Quest that I didn't have to fight with to make it work. Every other game I've tried to run on it has been a headache but this one didn't fight me at all.

What needs some work:
I love the rex model overall but there is some REALLY bad stretching around the arms. If pits are kinda your thing like me it's really noticeable especially when he flexes, and it makes the model look lower quality than it really is and that's the only noticeable spot that has stretching issues.
It's a little buggy. Every once and a while it would randomly teleport me away from him whenever I got close. I thought it was to position for the scene but it was for all of them, even ones where you are supposed to be close but I found out turning off automatic positioning fixed that. Also the menu was really jumpy and hard to select things in,it was the only part that caused eye strain.
The police. I thought it was gonna add some quirky layer, maybe some extra kinky dialogue or maybe like a, hey we're gonna keep going while they're watching exhibitionist sort of thing, and I liked his dialogue when they showed up the first time or two, but overall it was just an annoyance. It happened constantly and kept interrupting the moment and I experimented with getting caught and all it did was end the scene and didn't do anything fun. It was overall really pointless and it got so annoying I just had  to turn it off very quickly. 
Once again the vore fan in me talking but I love the inclusion of the maw play scene, however this is another point where the model just isn't that refined. What you can see inside his mouth doesn't look very good, also the angle at which he holds it doesn't let you actually look in his mouth or down his throat so really you can't get much out of it. It's the only bad looking angle in any of the animations. I love the muffled dialogue too but I'd love to see some more verbal teasing from him there.
It would be nice to have some other scenes where he's fucking you besides just the riding one, like a tweak of the one where you're supposed to be fucking him just from underneath for example.

My biggest complaint was really noticeable in the feet scenes and blowjob scene but when you got to the position your face is supposed to be in for that action, his body closest to you disappears. It's not so bad in the blowjob part if you just kinda look up, but in the foot job scenes it was really disappointing. To get as close as one would have to be to lick like the animation, it makes his foot completely disappear from view, so you have to watch it quite a bit farther away than intended. I get that some of that is unavoidable of course but that needs to be tweaked as much as possible because otherwise it really ruins the immersion of those scenes and they're a couple of the best scenes in the game.

In summary this is the foundation of something really spectacular, I think you're really onto something here. I'm definitely not mad about it being a $5 experience. I do think it needs some polish though besides needing more content to really merit being a paid experience. It feels more like a tech demo, a "see what I can do" than a completed game, and that's okay, as long as you keep making more games or add more to this one! :D In the future I would either lean more into the 3d semi-interactive movie aspect or lean more into the game aspect.

thank you so much for your critique! I will constantly try to improve and extend the game, this will help me a lot working on my road map!

You're very welcome! I'm a big fan of your art and I definitely want to stress that you've really done some great work here! I really look forward to seeing it develop!!

thank you!


Are you thinking to make it free? I really want to play it


Creating a game is lots of work and also unity assets aren’t cheap, I’m also planing to hire a professional voice actor. 


It would be a great idea

I see this game support the oculus quest, but could it work with the oculus quest 2?


it works with both



Will I be able to interact with the the dinosaur in the future? At current stage the "game" since to be just a VR movie that allow you to watch the dinosaur's  hot performance at different position and angle.

hi there, having interactions in an VR game is quiet a bit tricky. I’m working on a new game which will have better interaction.

hi i just got the game and was wondering how to pair it up to oculus?

if you are using a quest: start oculus link and then start the game:)

i tried that but getting steamvr installed fixed it somehow, even tho i launched it from oculus link :p

strange, I tested it with SteamVR and Oculus. I’m using OpenXR so you might have to update you oculus launch pad.

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i just brought this and it states it cant detect my headset and without a guide im a little stumped as ive tried everything maybe you should include a setup guide or somthing as yeah as is i have no idea what im doing wrong.

yeah just bought this on steam and it doesnt show any vr options eithe

(1 edit)

The VR version is not on steam yet. It’s in the review process 

what headset are you using?

I am also getting a headset not detected error on Quest 2. I added it to my steam library and set it as a VR game, and the headset is still not being detected.


have you activated oculus link? 

Oculus Link was enabled and working correctly with other titles in the same play session.