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During the first intergalactic war, hope rested on the next generation of soldiers. Utilizing dinosaur DNA, science created strong and impressive warriors. Once the war ended, there was no longer a need for the dinosaur soldiers and so they were forced to the margins of society. The only thing left for them to do was to sell their bodies. Always threatened to be discovered and exposed. What was happening there in secret had been strictly forbidden for a good reason. 

Mutant Alley is a gay first-person sex simulation. You are going to interact with one of their most talented soldier's: The anthropomorphic T-Rex. 

This purchase will include all future updates!

* Mutant Alley is is under active development and will frequently receive updates and new features.

The VR version of Mutant Alley can be found here:



  • Sound
  • Flashlight
  • Voice Acting
  • Free movement
  • 6 Tease actions
  • Foreplay Mode
  • Random Police Patrols
  • 2 Handjob actions (slow / fast)
  • 2 Fingering actions (soft / hard)
  • 2 Dildo-Ride actions (hard / fast)
  • 2 Blowjob actions (slow / fast)
  • 1 Rimming action
  • 2 Footjob action
  • 2 Ride actions
  • 2 Fuck actions
  • 1 Pee action
  • Small cumshot if Rex was not edged
  • Big cumshot if Rex was fully edged
  • State based dirty talk (Screen-Text)
  • Outfit accessoires for the Rex
  • Built with Unity

F E T I S H E S    S E R V E D

  • Oral
  • Feet
  • Anal
  • Daddy
  • Leather
  • Tickling
  • Rimming
  • Piercings
  • Spanking
  • Dirty-Talk
  • Maw-Play
  • Underwear
  • Nipple-Play
  • Domination
  • Humiliation
  • Watersports
  • Muscle Worship
  • Tease And Denial


If you like my games, models and animations please consider supporting me here:

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(83 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsBara, Dinosaurs, Furry, game, Gay, NSFW, scaly, sex, yiff
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Mutant Alley 1.15 (OS X).zip 210 MB
Mutant Alley 1.15 (Windows).zip 207 MB

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Question, in the domination fetish, can i gut punch him?



hey quick question how to i pay for the game because i cant click on the credit or debit card bit when i am trying to buy the game?

PayPal for example


ok so must i make a paypal account then link my card to it then i can buy the game also pls i really think this will be a good idea pls make our dino have the option to f**k him since we can do it to him why cant he do it to us?

but you can actually f*** him already


no i mean can the dino f**k the player because we can have s*x with him so why cant he s*x us

i haven’t found a concept how to bring it to VR without causing motion sickness


also can you make it so that the dino can f**k the player


i have a question for you tyranno any chance you can make do the dino free as i do not live in the us and do not have the dollar and i think since this is one of your old games mabey can you make it free because i want to make a youtube review video on your game

if I would make it free it would be unfair gains everyone who purchased the game:/


okay good point also pls can you make it so that our sexy dino can f**k us?

How do you do anything other than use the hand and tongue in non-VR? Controls say T to use tongue/penis but in only toggles the tongue on and off.

t should toggle the virtual Penis in VR too, have you updated to the latest version?

sorry! I thought that post was for MA Dinohazard, in DTD there is no player penis 

Hi Sorry for the potentially stupid question: What is the difference between "dinohazard" and "do the dinosaur"

Dinohazard has better graphics and an entirely new interaction system

Can we bottom for the dino? 👀

what do you mean specifically?

In the fuck actions, will there be a POV of the player being penetrated by the dino?


it’s in the planing, however, the July update will have the ability for the player to use his own penis to f*** the Dino’s POV style, wank and pee and have the characters comment him

So I tried to get the windows version and the controls aren't working for me. Why

you have to disconnect all gamepads, otherwise Unity will ignore all keyboard input

If we've already bought this before do we have to buy it again for updates?

No, updates are free for all of my games

Ah I guess I was using the wrong link thank you for the response.  Not the normal update link but this one at the top?

Ah! MA1 will receive no further updates, I developed Dinohazard because MA1 wasn’t we’ll extensible 

(1 edit) (+1)

Does the game have any expansion/inflation content?

there will be further updates and more features and characters although I haven’t planned an inflation feature yet

Does the game have controller support?

hey there, not yet but it would be very easy to add once I find a good generic profile. For now it has keyboard and VR controller support.

The games says no headset detected and wont let me play the game. Help would be appreciated.


first make sure you have purchased the VR version. When you’re using oculus, activate oculus link and start the game.

Deleted 1 year ago

There is one for my patrons

Deleted 1 year ago

Any plans to add more models, like a human male, instead of the T-rex?


Mutant Alley - Dinohazard will soon be released and will have more characters in the future

It's an update to this game or a complete new game

it’s a complete new game with a new interaction system, better graphics and way more detail.

So that means I have to pay for the game again?

as I Said it’s a complete make over with a new interaction system and it will have 2d and VR support in one version

the new mutant alley will feature more models over time


the game will not open on my mac os, it starts to, but disappears, and never opens to the game, please help :(

that’s strange, I habe development under OS X, which OS Version are you using?

Will it be updated later?


yes im planing an update

That's great to hear!!

(1 edit)

in steam too?



And that was 2 months ago...



Im sorry guys, im currently working on a new game, I will do an MA update but I have to finish other stuff first:/


Please make it free here

Do I have to buy the non-vr version as well? I had hoped you'd get both vr and non-vr versions x,x

it’s two separate versions:/

Excuse me, why can't I buy it here?

but you can buy it here

Still can't buy it, the screen is stuck in the same place and there is no way to continue, where else can I buy it?


that seems to be a bug in the itch.I’m site. Please contact their support 

When is the next update?

I don’t know yet


is there gonna be much more pee animation?

currently I haven’t planed it. What do you have in mind?


Like dinosaur pissing on himself or pissing on player or in player mouth


Would be real hot, agreed. 

When is the next update?

Next month

Eu só esperando essa jogo com a versão mobile 😍♥️

It is me or the sensibility is too high?

Can I make one little request? When you do butt play I would love a way to switch him so he's on his back instead of on his knees.

i will put it on my list:)

I want to be submissive

How to control these?How to switch?.....How to play these....?

F E T I S H E S    S E R V E D

  • Oral
  • Feet
  • Anal
  • Daddy(I want to play this)
  • Leather
  • Tickling
  • Rimming
  • Piercings
  • Spanking
  • Dirty-Talk
  • Maw-Play
  • Underwear
  • Nipple-Play
  • Domination
  • Humiliation
  • Watersports
  • Muscle Worship
  • Tease And Denial

I don't know how to control.....

I've already bought the game,

I like to lick the soles of my feet

Like to sit on it and get into the body.

I'm looking forward to more:)

first of all you have to tease the Rex until he takes off his speedo or simply disable the foreplay mode via the main menu then you can execute all of the actions above instantly 


I did what you said. How can I control these movements

(I use a translation machine and hope to understand....)

  • Domination
  • Daddy
  • Humiliation

How to play these


I want to be forced to wear a dog collar, pull a rope close to him and lick his penis


Interesting looking game here. Out of curiosity, do you plan on adding any additional fetishes? I'd be interested to know if you plan on adding any expansion-focused ones (i.e. inflation, feeding, etc.) 


yes i will add more fetishes over time

How do you make make it faster? I see the option but I can't click it? It says "slow" or "fast" during actions but I don't know the key to make it fast? 

Help please :)

either press the number key for that action again or use the right mouse button


Thanks so much :)


Really love the game. Tyranno and the graphics is gorgous, his lines hit good. 
Its the best game of its kind so far!

Some personal wishes thou, if you don't mind:

More options at riding, fingering. peeing and sex.

Maybe a fisting act?

Maybe an actual vore finale?

Maybe a option to trigger prowning instea of holding the button.

Great game, subscribed on patreon.

Thanks for making this!

thank you so much for the detailed feedback!

There's a glitch when the rex cum in the ride scene

Loved this! The animation is super well-made (I couldn't believe my laptop could handle it when I first saw the graphics lol) and edging and dominating the dino is hot.

I did wish police could be a part of the action though. I was trying to see if different actions will trigger any hidden events with the police, like, have police saw him dancing, riding a dildo, peeing, etc. 

I also hope that certain actions can be combined together in future, for instance, fucking + spanking


thank you so much for the feedback!

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but is there any info on your other game "mutant master"? It's listed on your website but I can't seem to find any more info on it. I'm curious about it lol


i habe paused the development because I’m currently involved in too many projects. But I will release it


I liked the game! 

Here are a little things I'd like to point out about it:

  • At first, it takes a little to understand the mechanics of the game and how to navigate the actions, but once you've gotten the hang of it, they are pretty simple.
  • From the screenshots, I thought in this came you could navigate the dino's body by yourself (What I mean is, I thought that you could choose where, when, and how to touch the dinosaur instead of choosing a number and having to watch animations). That is alright, though, because they are really well made, but at first I was kind of a bummer for me.
  • The game looks pretty promising, there are certain details that would make the game even more exciting. For example, the dino not being always hard would be pretty cool, or having him "grow" as you tease him. 
  • Over all, the game is pretty well done. I wish you would add more interactions, like toys and stuff in the future, as it has a lot of potential for growing!
  • However, one last detail, perhaps a bit more self-indulgent: I wish I could have been able to humiliate the Dino a bit more (the humiliation in the kink list was what sold the game to me after all haha). But, yeah, since he is supposedly doing this not by his own will but because he was degraded by society after the war, there could be a little more of teasing him about that and breaking his pride as an ex-soldier... But that is, again, a self-indulged wish hehe.

Kudos for this cool game!


Thank you! Such detailed feedbacks help me the most. I will take everything into account!


what would be a good humiliation action?

Public degradation. Example: being fucked in public and the trex telling the public how pathetic the player is

i actually thought about an audience feature


Or the other way around! The Player humiliating the dino in front of a crowd!

Other ideas would be:

  • The dino having to ask permission to finish (which you already have and I love it!)
  • The dino being forced to wear a gag or restraints on the body.
  • Sexual denial, like using a chastity device.
  • The player being able to finish on the dino's face.
  • Embarrasement (mocking the dino about his current situation, his past as a proud macho soldier, the police being after him, for being arroused by the encounter...)
  • Having him admit say some quotes about how he is doing this because he has to, not because he likes it (could be optional).
  • Since you have the watersports option, you could add the option of the player peeing on the dino as well.

    These were for he player being the dom.  Now, if you want the player being the submissive some ideas could be:

    • The Dino mocking the player's human (thus smaller) genitalia.
    • Having him call the player stuff like boysissy or  pet. Or other insults such as uglystupidsickdisgusting, b*tchc*ntwh*re...
    • Dino mocking the  player's physique, belittling it, laughing at it, comparing it to his own. 
    • He teases or hummiliates the player for being aroused by a donosaur, or for reaching out to his service (could use some name calling as well here) 
    • Dino ordering the player what sexual act he wants next.

    I hope these help!

    Deleted 2 years ago

    I want to be submissive


    Oh and Bondage stuff as well!

    what I’m particular would you like to see?

    Gags and handcuffs, maybe?


    ever consider adding Lovense toys support to your games?

    yes:) I wasn’t sure wir people would use it

    you should~ many that has Lovense toys like that kind of stuff

    Android verion? (Ancient laptop. New phone.)

    unfortunately no:/

    Will it ever be ported?

    i don’t have any plans yet because I would have to scale down the game massively:/

    Don't worry, consider one after the game is finished. 

    How do you scroll down to go faster, I can't seem to find the key bind

    hi there,


    Hey I'm just wondering is there gonna be a android version coming out soon

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