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On a distant world, the tribe leader of a pack of Raptoids has been captured by an unknown entity which wants to turn him and his tribe mates into mindless sex slaves. As specimen VD014, you'll need to take it on, challenging their robot army as well as your converted concubines and even more deadly enemies. The time has come for you to prove your dominance and free your pack...

Raptoid is a gay scaly bdsm themed beat-em-up game and an homage to the classic video games of the 90s, featuring lots of kinky game mechanics, enemy grapples and a fighting system that was was developed with empowerment and fun in mind.


OSWindows 7 (SP1+) , Windows 10 and Windows 11High Sierra 10.13+
CPUx86, x64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support.High Sierra 10.13+Apple Silicon, x64 architecture with SSE2
Graphics APIDX10, DX11, and DX12-capable GPUsMetal-capable Intel and AMD GPUs


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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsBara, bdsm, Beat 'em up, Dinosaurs, Furry, Gay, LGBT, NSFW, scaly
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Playstation controller


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

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How do you get past the metal boxes on Stage 2? I've tried attacking them every way possible and every key combination I can think of, but I'm stuck. My kicks pass right through them.

there’s a panel on the left side of the stage, use it and see what happens:)

very fun game, would love to see more animations and a few more complete ones instead of loops, but overall great game

thank you!

How about any news about update? I can't wait to see more of it <3 


Working on it but I’m also planing a new game.

can't wait, i think i speak for most of us when i say you have us by the balls lmao

This game was amazing! Was completely unexpected how good it was going to be and was very entertained through all of it! Was worth the price!
Just wish I could see more animations like multiple characters joining in and the brown raptors could double you or get more frisky. Same with the horses.

Overall 10/10!

thank you so much! I’ve put in a lot of work!

I have an idea for an altenrante ending. At the end of level 4 the bad guy gives you an offer, he'll free your comrades at exchange of you submitting to him and becaming his slave. Another one could be at the beginning of level 1 if you don't break fast enough from the rack. Good game overall


i plan to add a few more endings and way more actions:)


Game is great! Will there be a surrender option in the future? Seeing a alpha obey is a fan favorite


it’s requested a lot so I’m thinking about adding it:)

Love the game so far. What I mean by this is that I can't seem to load up the Tournament start. Is that a Patreon exclusive mode or am I just having bad luck? Thanks for making good content, can't wait for more!


no, the game is fully unlocked. Can you try to start the game and without going to any othe ronde to directly start the tournament?

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I will check that now that I have a chance (am downloading a game rn, shouldn't affect it though).

Edit: So it loaded up just fine when going straight to the Tournament mode. Weird that going from main story mode to tournament causes the game to just blackscreen and softlock the load.


i put it on the bug list


Much appreciated, and I'm glad to be of some help!


I got the bug to but it happens if you played the game for a long time. If you restart the game tournament mode works fine.

You can get knocked back through objects.

Also door closing can kill you


that doors and elevators can kill you and enemies is intended. You can use them as weapons:)

would be nice if there was some kinda save o.o so that if u die in level 2 or higher..you dont get sent back to 1 and have to do it all again. But still an amazing and very sexy game

you can select already played stages and go on from there under Sätze special menu

Since the game has a steam release now is there any chance of you adding a steam key option to the itch.io sales?

Valve does not allow it

Really? I have seen other adult games like KoboldKare offer a steam key with their itch.io purchase. Ultimately it isn't a dealbreaker for me, but It eould be nice to have if possible


I created a steam key for a game for a friend of mine and was instantaneous contacted by valve to let me know that if I share too much keys for a paid game it might get kicked out of the store so I’d be very carefully with that.

great game! I hope you'd make a gallery feature that would allow us to watch our raptor get handled in all the scenes. It's hard to get off while watching the scenes midgame since they're too short :P

thank you! Actually there is a gallery in the special menu. You can watch all game overs there:)   


quik question can you maybe bring that game also for free pleas fro thos who don't have money to buy it but still want to play it


that would be unfair for everyone who purchased it plus im funding my dev with the sales:/

Deleted 63 days ago



i just need to wait until i get a account wher i can pay then its game time so long i have to wait*sight

Great game so far, however you can Softlock yourself in level 2 if your like me and trying to destroy the sample bot using the spike pit XD

i would like either an option to refuse his offer and destroying it, or some sort of safety precautions as i had to restart my run since i was missing the keycard to proceed.

aaaand Doors are a damn Menace. died way to many times because i closed a door inside of me.


thank you! Added it to my list:)


How to defeat the tentacle Robot

just punch the center tentacle

eyyy Tyranno is back at it. love to see more goods from you Mutant alley was great Dino's don't get nearly enough love


hey there, there will be a new update soon!

Great Game man : ), btw i noticed that there was an option for body types when customizing the player, what kind of body types can we expect in the future?

these are already in but you have to unlock them. You have to collect 12k claws and a new body skin will be unlocked 

ok, thanks

Sexy game~ Is there a way to go back to your rack after the voice tells you to?


not ye t but it’s requested by a lot of people:)


I relly hope you can fuck that horse ass


It’s planed for a future update:)

just finished the game, loved it! it was short but good fun. i wish you could take up some of the camera man's offers though :p

im excited for any potential updates, game is lovely!


thank you! A lot of people wish to take these offers so I’m thinking about implementing them. And yes the game will receive further updates


Wow this game was incredible! Glad to say it was my first purchase here. c:

Looking forward to more updates!


Thank you so much! Yes there will be updates

I loved the first 2 stages. Though the last 3 I sped through without really seeing new content. Hope to see some more stuff~


Already in the work:)

This game is very nice. I can't wait for future updates and maybe something with the horses ? :D 


there will be more Goliath (horse) content:)


Love the game! Was tough but it isnt too easy so it was actually fun! An idea for a further update, When playing the game, I noticed How there would be some moments where you'd be given directions like at the beginning where you would be told to stay there, would be kinda neat if there was something to happen if you did wait or listen to the directions. I know there are two scenes that are similar, One in the 2nd or 3rd stage and a Second in the last stage in order to get keycards but you have to listen in order to progress. Just an idea, other then that the game was Fun! Cant wait to see what happens next


thank you! Actually your suggestion was brought up by others as well so I’m thinking about adding it:)

superb game, can't wait to see what the future holds!


Thank you and please let me know your wishes/ideas for future updates 


Nice dino holes!


Another superb dinogame. Steam release planned?


it’s currently in the review

Excelent! Wish You big score success!!!


damn i wish there would be game over of the horses... maybe a button yo press so the sex animation lasts longer?~ i love this game~

So I'm stuck on the first level, because there are two "specimens" left

But they're both next to the grabby tentacle trap things

And when I try to get them, the tentacle hits me away

Any tips?

attack the tentacles

The game is pretty neat, although some doors that push you upwards have this nasty habit of pushing you through the ceiling and softlocking you.

Also, I've found myself most often dying not to enemies, but to doors opening/closing. It's a bit funny at first, but it's pretty annoying. Maybe just change the instakill to pushing you to the side or smthn?

Overall, very solid.

A suggestion I think would be neat is if there were alternate animations depending on how many enemies, or what type are around you and if they could simultaneously go to town on your character. This would be good for the concubines since it's a bit silly when you do one of them and they all explode despite just standing there or just clipping through the main character model or the one you're 'saving'.

Although, this is likely something that will happen anyways since this is 1.0
best of luck to ya on development

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Has very potential

I appreciate that it's a little challenging! Everything else is very nice, too.


thank you! You can lower the difficulty in the options menu btw.

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What a fun game! I only wish there was a version with humans) could probably be as simple, as just replacing the models and some animations...


hi there and thank you so much! The game will be extended over time. I really liked the sex move idea as well but wasn’t able to find suitable actions but I may find them I future versions. Since Raptoid is about a Raptoid, a human model wouldn’t make much sense to me:)

Any change for Linux build?.

i could provide a Linux build but I currently don’t have the ability to test it.

Any chance for Android?

unfortunately no, the game had pretty low specs but the models aren’t optimized for mobile


Will those also be going on steam?


it’s in the review right now and will take at least until the end of august IF they accept it

Damn! I didnt realize they take that long to do stuff well hopefully they accept it. I cant wait to play it :3