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How do you make make it faster? I see the option but I can't click it? It says "slow" or "fast" during actions but I don't know the key to make it fast? 

Help please :)

either press the number key for that action again or use the right mouse button

Thanks so much :)

Really love the game. Tyranno and the graphics is gorgous, his lines hit good. 
Its the best game of its kind so far!

Some personal wishes thou, if you don't mind:

More options at riding, fingering. peeing and sex.

Maybe a fisting act?

Maybe an actual vore finale?

Maybe a option to trigger prowning instea of holding the button.

Great game, subscribed on patreon.

Thanks for making this!

thank you so much for the detailed feedback!

There's a glitch when the rex cum in the ride scene

Loved this! The animation is super well-made (I couldn't believe my laptop could handle it when I first saw the graphics lol) and edging and dominating the dino is hot.

I did wish police could be a part of the action though. I was trying to see if different actions will trigger any hidden events with the police, like, have police saw him dancing, riding a dildo, peeing, etc. 

I also hope that certain actions can be combined together in future, for instance, fucking + spanking


thank you so much for the feedback!

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but is there any info on your other game "mutant master"? It's listed on your website but I can't seem to find any more info on it. I'm curious about it lol

i habe paused the development because I’m currently involved in too many projects. But I will release it


I liked the game! 

Here are a little things I'd like to point out about it:

  • At first, it takes a little to understand the mechanics of the game and how to navigate the actions, but once you've gotten the hang of it, they are pretty simple.
  • From the screenshots, I thought in this came you could navigate the dino's body by yourself (What I mean is, I thought that you could choose where, when, and how to touch the dinosaur instead of choosing a number and having to watch animations). That is alright, though, because they are really well made, but at first I was kind of a bummer for me.
  • The game looks pretty promising, there are certain details that would make the game even more exciting. For example, the dino not being always hard would be pretty cool, or having him "grow" as you tease him. 
  • Over all, the game is pretty well done. I wish you would add more interactions, like toys and stuff in the future, as it has a lot of potential for growing!
  • However, one last detail, perhaps a bit more self-indulgent: I wish I could have been able to humiliate the Dino a bit more (the humiliation in the kink list was what sold the game to me after all haha). But, yeah, since he is supposedly doing this not by his own will but because he was degraded by society after the war, there could be a little more of teasing him about that and breaking his pride as an ex-soldier... But that is, again, a self-indulged wish hehe.

Kudos for this cool game!


Thank you! Such detailed feedbacks help me the most. I will take everything into account!


what would be a good humiliation action?

Public degradation. Example: being fucked in public and the trex telling the public how pathetic the player is

i actually thought about an audience feature


Or the other way around! The Player humiliating the dino in front of a crowd!

Other ideas would be:

  • The dino having to ask permission to finish (which you already have and I love it!)
  • The dino being forced to wear a gag or restraints on the body.
  • Sexual denial, like using a chastity device.
  • The player being able to finish on the dino's face.
  • Embarrasement (mocking the dino about his current situation, his past as a proud macho soldier, the police being after him, for being arroused by the encounter...)
  • Having him admit say some quotes about how he is doing this because he has to, not because he likes it (could be optional).
  • Since you have the watersports option, you could add the option of the player peeing on the dino as well.

    These were for he player being the dom.  Now, if you want the player being the submissive some ideas could be:

    • The Dino mocking the player's human (thus smaller) genitalia.
    • Having him call the player stuff like boysissy or  pet. Or other insults such as uglystupidsickdisgusting, b*tchc*ntwh*re...
    • Dino mocking the  player's physique, belittling it, laughing at it, comparing it to his own. 
    • He teases or hummiliates the player for being aroused by a donosaur, or for reaching out to his service (could use some name calling as well here) 
    • Dino ordering the player what sexual act he wants next.

    I hope these help!

    Deleted 24 days ago

    Oh and Bondage stuff as well!

    what I’m particular would you like to see?

    Gags and handcuffs, maybe?


    ever consider adding Lovense toys support to your games?

    yes:) I wasn’t sure wir people would use it

    you should~ many that has Lovense toys like that kind of stuff

    Android verion? (Ancient laptop. New phone.)

    unfortunately no:/

    Will it ever be ported?

    i don’t have any plans yet because I would have to scale down the game massively:/

    Don't worry, consider one after the game is finished. 

    How do you scroll down to go faster, I can't seem to find the key bind

    hi there,


    Hey I'm just wondering is there gonna be a android version coming out soon

    can i know your list of what you're going to add so far


    the Next version will have a lot of quality improvements and dynamic breathing depending on the Rexes climax state

    How do I see the daddy kink? Does the dinosaur should wear something specific? Or should I done something specific or what?


    you can just have him wear leather straps and stuff and select sub actions:)


    two things 

    first with the police when they're on how do you avoid them?

    Second how about making rex give the player a blowjob or a thrid mode that makes rex the submissive one for example

    slow blowjob

    fast blowjob

    and rex giving a blowjob

    when the police approaches, get away from the Rex as far as you can:)

    Good idea about the rex giving a blowjob

    I'm just wondering what will be added in the new version

    Besides minor improvements im still looking for ideas, what would you like to see?

    How about nipple play or more objets to put on the dinosaur (like nipple clamps or a gag)

    (1 edit)

    Not that is matters to much of course, but is their an option to make the blue bits that interact with him invisible? Just as a possible option to focus more on him

    i can add that


    I'd love to see a werewolf version. 

    Sadly the T-rex is the only character in the game and I don't think Tyranno will ad more in the game. But it'll be realy good to have more dinosaurs 

    what is the difference between this and the steam version?


    can we have more kinks? like sniffing armpits/licking them or even farts while we rim or something more dirty uwu

    of course make it optional like watersports

    i will add a Dirty mode option for such actions in later versions

    Needs fisting

    are you sure u put the right version here in the itch it says 1.12 bu in the game it says 1.11? 

    (1 edit)

    Hi there,

    I just double checked and I get version 1.12. It might be a caching issue since I uploaded the files via DropBox. I re-uploaded them. Please delete your browser cache and let me know if it worked for you.

    it works thx :)

    In the Key intro it says that the tease option has 6 varieties but in the game there's only 5.

    Btw I like the game, really good


    Hi there, the 6th will be in the next update:)


    I want to suck and lick his nipple

    Okay, direct nipple sucking should be a thing in this game :)

    i put that on my list:)

    I don't know if anyone else is having this issue, but when i click the link for the VR version it brings me back to here. I was able to get around this by typing the -vr- into the link manually.

    Fixed it:) Thank you!

    is the male trex the only char you can play with? or are there more?

    he’s the only char in the game


    Awesome game, my only suggestions would be vore, due to him directly mentioning about eating you, and maybe him in BDSM gear, basically stopping him from moving.

    I like that BDSM idea



    there‘s allready an entire BDSM game on it‘s way. The first release will be out this week:)


    Yeah a vore scenario addition would be nice.


    Thank you!

    I really wanna see chubby one. Will that be too hard?


    maybe I add some body morphs in future versions

    That's what I wanna know. Thanks a bunch :')

    I wish I can buy it, and my family doesn't kknow🙃

    You do realize that when you buy something from, it only tells you that you bought it from, it doesn't tell in email or in the credit card buying info that you bought this product. Unless that's just how mine works /:

    (1 edit)

    Im hoping a missionary position will be added for like the ride option


    maybe in a later version:) I’m collecting ideas 

    The intro cinematic doesn't load and I can't see it

    Thats strange, but I will release an updated version today that might fix it for you

    Can we ride him? (I mean us bottoming for him) and such his cock?

    (1 edit) (+1)

    yes there will be a ride action in the next release:)

    But where is  VR version? 

    it is ready and will be available at the weekend

    this is a VR game ? if yes its only vr or we can play without it ?

    btw just asking because i dont have one and neither the money for one

    Hi, this is the non vr version. You can play it without a Headset 

    pinned/anal ;3

    (2 edits)

    How the daddy fetish can be activated?

    You can give the rex leather clothes and can let him do actions in which you are the sub:)


    Vore maybe can be good ?

    will be Hard but i will keep that in mind


    Frottage action would be hot

    i put that on the list:)

    If there is a way to add/ change dialogue even if its in a note pad that would be a super cool addition 

    i already thought about that! I put that on my feature list:)

    Quick question, is this solely for vr, or does it have a non vr mode?

    Not sure if you got your question answered already but is not solely VR.  It can be played with just controls, Mac or Windows 

    Thank ya! Will definitely grab it then!


    I bought this by mistake. Can I get a refund?


    "There are no accidents " - máster oogway



    ...I laughed way to much at that XD!

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